I’m so excited. I’ve just moved my blog from another service provider after realising that this one was better, but no worries! My old one didn’t have much on it. This is my first post, and you’ll be happy to know that I do indeed have an idea for a book at the moment. I am very much a fan of books with action, romance and fantasy and so I thought I could give it a go. Whilst I cannot promise to be as fantastic as Rick Riordan or Suzzanne Colins, I will surely try my best.
My story is one of discovery, love and in some ways, a journey to freedom. It will follow three protagonists as they deal with the responsibility of having to free a magical kingdom that is ruled by a tyrant. 
Well, you have doubtlessly heard stories like this before, but I intend to do something different with it and give it my own flavour. You will hopefully be hearing from me soon enough.

Mufunde, out. 



  1. Hey Shadow. It's nice to see you. And yes, I am female 🙂 Oh yeah, I never told you on FanFiction, did I?

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