To all those people who may still be lurking out there who I abandoned many months ago, I say sorry and I say, hello.
To all those new people who are only reading my first blog for the first time, I say, hello.
So what have I been up to since I discontinued this blog? I passed my A-level exams, started a Computer Science degree and joined the gym.
 Why is the gym part important? Because the last time I did any exercising I projectile vomited at the park with my sister. We actually had to get our parents to drive us home because I couldn’t walk. So I honestly think I deserve a medal just for WALKING inside a gym.

In regards to my writing, I did attempt the NaNoWriMo challenge in 2013. I got to 20,084 by the end of the month. Some will say that I “lost”, including myself by the end of the event, but I soon came to realise that at least I had tried. And most importantly, I had 20,084 words than I had before I started. I went on with that mentality and so far I have just over 40k. 10,000 more words and I will finally have reached my goal, albeit a few months late.
I have two main projects going at the same time right now.

The first is WEAVING MOONLIGHT, a sort of Narnia-ish novel about 3 teenagers with the power to save a magical kingdom from an evil queen. Naturally, there’s a twist to it all, and I’d like to think that the biggest twist is one of my main characters, Stefan, who is really more of an anti-hero than a hero. He seeks power and he makes that pretty known from the beginning. But how many is he willing to betray to gain this power?

My NaNo story, PROJECT GALATEA is my other project about teenagers that were weaponised by faeries in their bid to survive life in the mortal realm. Zib, the rogue, just wants to live in peace away from the courts; Terri, The Golden One, has a creepy fey admirer stalking her; and Ariel, the prince, struggles to choose between his loyalties to his court, and his loyalty to his traitor friend.

On top of this, I do expect to write a number of short stories and poems which I intend to post here first. So stay tuned!


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