So I have started the huge task of writing a novel. It’s a journey that many people start and do not always finish. Well, I hope to finish it and go even further than just write it, but also get it published. Right now I feel like I’m writing to myself, but perhaps soon enough, I will get followers one day. So enough of that rambling. You want to know about this novel.

I started it a couple of years ago and even finished it, then started a sequel. But I thought that something was lacking so I am now revising it. The story has truly transformed and I’ve even added a few characters that I now truly love. The novel is about three teenagers, who are very different from one another. Lux Robertson is your typical high schooler (British, by the way). She is just trying to simply get by and pass her GCSEs. The other is Jamie Cooper, a guy caught between two worlds, and lastly, Prince Stefan. All have one thing in common: a legacy. They have extraordinary powers and they are all that stands between chaos and peace for the forgotten realm of Terrahgonia.

I have just recently revised my plot and I am busy trying to write. I may post my first three chapters at some point.

Mufunde, out



  1. Hi Ms. (Or Mr.)Mufunde,
    🙂 I read the first chapter and I like it a whole lot! I hope you keep writing and post more soon!:D

  2. Thank you for your support. I will definitely be posting Chapter Two soon. Feel free to leave any constructive criticism.

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