So I have this slight problem with reading one book at a time. I’m aware I’m not the only one. But this has gotten really bad. If anyone has noticed, I’ve been ‘reading’ Heist Society and Madame Tussade for a few weeks now. At least. But I am also now allegedly reading Matched and The Goddess Test. Am I reading all of these books right now? Yes. And no. I have started all of these books. I had to stop reading the first two due to exams, but I have one more exam left and started reading the last two yesterday. Which will I finish first? Probably The Goddess Test as it appears to be the thinnest, and I’ve spent mosts of my day reading it already, instead of revising.


Anyway, I’ll let you know who one the race. And be honest. Have you ever read more than one book at a time and what do you think the reason is for this? Are you doing it right now? If so, please comment and tell me what you’re reading 🙂


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