2012 sees the end of Rick Riordan’s best seller series. I imagine that it will surely end with a bang. For those of you who do not know, The KC series set to be a trilogy, and is about Carter and Sadie Kane, two seperated teenage siblings who discover that they are the descendants of pharoahs, with awesome magician powers to match.

When Set, the evil god of chaose is let loose on the world, Carter and Sadie must join forces to stop him from letting chaos reign forever.

The novel is pretty close to home, in comparison to The Percy Jackson series. Riordan sticks to what he knows, mythology. But don’t think that he has just copied his usual formula. The Kane Chronicles brings something new and fresh to children’s books, and once again, it is even suitable to adults!

I do love these front covers and I am jealous of the Americans. The British covers are not nearly as impressive, apologies to the cover artist.

Here’s a video in case my explanation is not clear.
The series has not one, but TWO wise-cracking narrators. Who said brothers and sister can’t share? I love both books in the series so far equally. Riordan is definitley good at building suspense and keeping his readers wanting more. The novels are somewhat educational, with great insight into Egyptian mythology. Once again, Riordan makes the ancient myths relevant to modern day society.
The Throne of Fire: I was incredibly excited for this sequel and it did not to dissapoint. It was thrilling and exciting. The Kanes did more travelling and met more friends along the way. There was one particularly outstanding new god who I simply have to raise my glass to for his awesomeness. The Kanes are joined by two new magicians, who happen to be their apprentices. The world is once again in peril and only Ra, the ultimate, super ancient sun god can save the world. But how are they going to find a god who has been missing for thousands of years, yet alone awaken the dozing god?

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