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An invisible force pushed me back to the solid forest ground. The portal sealed off with
one last burst of light, and then I was left alone with the eerily tall trees.
I lay on the forest fl oor for a moment, shuddering from the encounter with
the woman. I pushed myself off the ground and crossed the dirty forest path to the
twins’ house, still jittering. It didn’t take long for me to register the familiarity of the
woman: her black hair, charcoal eyes, venomous tone.
The headmistress was back.

AFTER AN UNTHINKABLE BATTLE, Arica Miller is bursting with questions.
The last thing she expected was to go to the source of all magic—the Sorcerers
Underworld. She soon realizes the magical world is facing an immense threat:
Th e king’s crown, also known as the Jewel, has been stolen by an unknown thief.
And what’s worse, the gemstones have been taken by a magical flood that has a
suspicious link to the headmistress.
Now Arica and her cousins are summoned to go on a dangerous search
that leads them to the waters of the Bermuda Triangle. If Arica wishes to return
home, she must find the gemstones and unlock the mystery of the Jewel’s thief;
but what she doesn’t realize is that the culprit could be closer to her than she’d
ever imagined….

Their biography:

Sarena and Sasha Nanua are teenage twins living
in Mississauga, Ontario. They love reading books
in their spare time and enjoy science fiction and
fantasy novels. They have been writing books since
they were nine years old. You can visit them online


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