The first YA book about faeries I picked up last year was Aprilynne Pike’s Wings. And I enjoyed it. Then I was hooked on faeries.

My next series was the Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr. Her faeries made Pike’s trolls look harmless. Its brilliance also make reading Pike’s sequel, Spells impossible! It was just nowhere nearly as good! I got halfway through and I just couldn’t go any further.

It’s true that Pike’s protagonist is more like me that any of Marr’s. A lot of the characters in The Wicked Lovely series seem broken in one way or the other. But Pike’s love triangle is typical and boring. I admire Laurel and it’s a great book for tweens but Marr’s novels are just simply more sophisticated.

Kiersten White’s Paranormalcy included creatures other than just faeries but the fey in this novel did stand out. Oh Reth… He is the kind of faery that seems closer to the ones that appears in Wicked Lovely. He is in it for personal game. He’s stunningly beautiful and knows it. He’ll claim to be your friend and then stab you in the back. Very far off from Pike’s goody goody faeries.

Then there was Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey series, starting with The Iron King. 

This novel was stellar. The cover art stood out to me and so I had to have it. Shallow, I know. But I read an excerpt online just to be sure and I was intrigued. There are some interesting characters in here, with Puck being my favourite. Yes, Shakespeare’s Puck. And a talking cat named Grimalkin. I’ll post a separate review on this book soon. It is action filled, with romance and utter brilliance. I already have my copy of the sequel, The Iron Daughter. Yes, I am fully aware that the fourth book was out last December. Unfortunately, no one tells me of the great books. I’m the one always recommending books to my friends.

So there was once the rise of vampire and werewolf novels, and then the time of the fey came. What is coming this year I wonder? A little birdy told me that it is the year of Greek Mythology. Well, I’m curious as to what will top Percy Jackson. Then of course, there are the dystopian and apocalyptic novels. The Hunger Games     is terrific but I don’t know if I could find anything as brilliant as it for a long time. 


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