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Jamie Cooprija portrait

Interview with the Reluctant Assassin

Wadzanai: Do you have any titles, Jamie?

Jamie: No, I don’t. I’m just plain old Jamie Cooprija.

Wadzanai: Where are you from and where do you live? 

Jamie: I was born in the province of New Raghallach in the north, but I’m presently living in the province of Antalya.

Wadzanai: What are your parents like?

Jamie: I never knew my mother. My father doesn’t talk about her. As for my father, Alvyr Cooprija, he is a former assassin. He’s very much into ‘tough love’. He gave me over to the Brotherhood of the Shrouded One to be trained by them when I was only twelve. 

Wadzanai: And how old are you now?

Jamie: I’m nineteen.

Wadzanai: That’s seven years of training! So you must be a full-fledged assassin by now, right?

Jamie: *Sighs* No, I’m not.

Wadzanai: Oh. Do you not want to be an assassin?

Jamie: Yes and no. My father is not a well man. He’s seen things and done things he isn’t proud of and isn’t mentally stable. On top of that he has a very bad limp. He needs to be taken care of. The Brotherhood are willing to pay for specialists to take care of him, but in return I have to work for them, which I don’t want.

Wadzanai: I see. So, tell us a bit about your powers.

Jamie: I can control the blood in another person’s body and bend them to my will.

Wadzanai: Do you enjoy using this power?

Jamie: Sometimes. It makes me feel powerful, but then I feel a huge sense of guilt after.

Wadzanai: If you could be anything else, what would you be?

Jamie: I’m not sure. I’m not very talented at anything other than killing if I’m honest. And there are plenty better killers than me. 

Wadzanai: What do you think of the political situation in Terrahgonia? 

Jamie: I don’t do politics.

Wadzanai: But surely you have an opinion? What do you think of the royal family?

Jamie: It’s not like I know any of them personally. But from what I’ve heard, the emperor is a monster. I heard he locked up his mother in an asylum for no reason.

Wadzanai: What about his younger sister, Princess Illyria?

Jamie: From what I’ve heard she is fair and kind-hearted.

Wadzanai: Do you believe that?

Jamie: *Shrugs* I want to. But it’s unlikely. Her father was a monster, and her mother, who waged war on Kratul for no good reason, is also a monster. 

Wadzanai: From my understanding, the Kratulians were persecuting Selenists.

Jamie: Oh. Maybe she did have a good reason then.

Wadzanai: Are you particularly religious?

Jamie: Not very, but I do believe in the triple moon goddess, as do most Terrahgonians.

Wadzanai: Triple moon goddess? Please explain this.

Jamie: There are three aspects to the goddess, one could say three separate personalities. There is the Morrigu, the goddess of war and sovereignty, Luna-Chrona, goddess of time, and Selene, the goddess of fate.

Wadzanai: Interesting. Which goddess do you worship?

Jamie: I’m not really an active worshipper. But as a child my father dedicated me to the Morrigu, and the priestesses predicted I’d be a brilliant warrior one day.

Wadzanai: Why don’t you actively worship the moon goddess anymore?

Jamie: When you see the things I’ve seen and experienced so many awful things you lose some of your faith. 

Wadzanai: That’s… sad. So, who has been the strongest influence on you so far?

Jamie: I’d say my mentor, Mila, the Undying.

Wadzanai: Who is she? What is she like?

Jamie: She’s the high priestess of the Shrouded One and an elite assassin. She can be quite cold and mercurial. You don’t want to get on her bad side.

Wadzanai: Alright, well, that’s all we have time for today. Thank you for participating in this interview.

Jamie: Alright, you’re welcome. I’d better get back to the Brotherhood.

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