Wadzanai Mufunde – High Fantasy Author

More Than Skin Deep



Erin Arnette is having nightmares and it becomes apparent that he is finally manifesting some sort of power after all these years of waiting. When a night of pleasure becomes deadly, can this new gift save him?

Praise for More than Skin Deep:

“…The story itself is brief, exciting, but clearly part of a much larger picture I’m still waiting to have filled in.” — Sarah O’Sullivan

“A very well written piece, keeps you captivated from start to end. Draws the reader into the fictional world in which it is set making it real while you read” — Emperor

“It’s very detailed and embodies a very human aspect in a world of magic and gods” — Sombra Luna

“Though taking place in a fantasy world, the characters are complex and realistic. The story is filled with suspense at every turn and fits neatly into the larger picture to come.” — Carol

“I just finished reading this, and I adored it. I love wadzanai’s writing style.” — KC Rebecca

Reviews taken from Amazon and Goodreads.


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